Sip-N-Spin 335 3rd Ave - Seward, Alaska
Corner 3rd & Jefferson
Our Anytime Menu - All our ingredients are fresh.
Our Vegetarian/Vegan Menu has options for the carnivore...
Breakfast:     $6 - $10
Served until 11 am daily


Breakfast: Bagel or Sandwich - eggs, bacon, pepper jack & cilantro aioli


Muesli & Yogurt:  with Mixed Berries


Steel Cut Oats:  Slow cooked w/brown sugar, cinnamon
Smoothies:    $6 - $8
Rider Ray PB&J Berries, banana, peanut butter, muesli, milk, yogurt, orange juice
* Selmita:  Peaches, berries, banana, pineapple  juice, soy milk
Gaia Berries, banana, yogurt, OJ, walnut, nutmeg, vanilla
Olive Yogurt, berries, apples, cinnamon, crystallized ginger, almond milk
Tsela Colada Coconut milk, pineapple juice, banana, brown sugar, peaches, vanilla, coconut flakes, cinnamon, soy milk
Adell:  Mangos, yogurt, pineapple juice
Espresso:     $2 - $4
    Fair-Trade, Alaskan Roasted, Certified Organic
Americano, Latte, Cappuccino
12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz
Cookies:      under $2 each
    Baked fresh all day, every day
Coconut, Craisin, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip
Shakaroons: Organic, raw, gluten free coconut delights
Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip:
Almost gluten free
Succulent Sandwiches:    $9 - $11
     Panini with Organic Blue Corn Chips   ADD: soup
Sassy Bird turkey, cream cheese & tapenade
Crazy Caprese: buffalo mozzarella, tomato, cilantro aioli & a berry balsamic reduction
Import:  Brie, green apples, apricot preserves & ginger aioli
Chilkoot smoked salmon & onion cream cheese spread topped w/pepper jack
Vegan:  avocado, tomato, hummus & tapenade
Bodacious Burgers:     $10 - $13
ADD: Turkey, Black Forest Ham, Bacon
Black Bean:  green chili, red pepper, corn, top w/cilantro aioli, tomato, avocado, pepper jack cheese
Lentil Quinoa:  Taste of India - w/apricot ginger aioli, tomato, avocado, cheese


Local Salmon Burger:  Red onions, roasted poblano & artichoke spread
Soup of the Day    under $6
      Served with Toast


Tortilla Soup
Coconut Corn Chowder


Lentil w/Kale
Ginger Carrot Soup


Salmon Chowder
3 Bean Trio


Sunday:  It's a Surprise! Ask our staff..


About Us..  The Sip n Spin was created with the idea of introducing quick, contemporary food & drink to fit anyone's budget. Being mothers with children, we needed fresh, interesting, nutritious food options for ourselves and our children.

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