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 Eat.Your.Way... Through Seward
 Espresso, Fast Food, Deli, Goodies, Bars, Bakery, Cafe & Restaurants
New businesses open - Old businesses close
Now there is a current List for every eatery & bar in the Seward area.

  When 'the season' comes to Seward, the motel, hotel, B&B's
and charter folks have a rough time remembering their own names,
let alone all the excellent local places to eat.

These pages are your introduction to Seward's 'eating side'.
The lists, maps & menus are courtesy of Seward's fine food establishments        
Alaska Nellie's Roadhouse
ASLC's Snack Bar
Al's Patty Wagon

American Legion/VFW
Apollo Restaurant
Bakery at the Harbor
Bay Cafe@Swd Resort

Breeze Inn Restaurant
Capt. Jack's Seafood Locker
Christo's Palace
Coho Joe's Coffee Shop

Elk's Lodge
Espresso Simpatico
Exit Glacier Salmon Bake
Freedom Lounge & Grill
Ms Gene's Place
Grazing Moose
Harbor St. Creamery
Ivory Cove Lounge

J-Dock Seafood Co.
LeBarn Appetit
Marina Restaurant
MiniMart - Essential 1
MiniMart - Gateway
Nature's Nectars Espresso
Oriental Garden

Pit Bar & Liquor Store
Railway Cantina
Ranting Raven
Ray's Waterfront
Red's Burger Bus
Resurrect Coffeehouse
Resurrection Roadhouse
Roaring Boaring Alice's
Safeway Salad Bar & Deli
Sea Bean Cafe
Seward Ale House
Sip'N Spin Espresso
Smoke Shack
Sunny Cup Espresso
Sweet Darlings
Terry's Sports Bar
Thorn's Showcase
Tony's Bar & Liquor Store
Three Bears Seward
Yukon Bar
We hope your stay here is full of good eating!
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